Thursday, February 18, 2016

Blog 2: Prespective

Well this is my first reaping were my name is in the bowl the girls are going first I hope it’s not me or Katniss but I have an advantage of not getting called cause my name is only in there once. But Katniss name is in 24 times well here it goes there pulling a name. She read Primrose Everdeen I stood there dumbstruck I walked up knowing I'm goanna die then I saw my older sister run up and say I volunteer as tribute. I got scared knowing she might die but I have faith in Katniss she is strong she hunts animals every day maybe she can win. They pull another name is about to be pulled it was Peeta Mellark I don’t know if he will be able to kill my sister all I know about him is he is the bakers son.

This is my final good bye to Katniss before she leaves to go to the hunger games I can’t help but cry but Katniss doesn’t. She tells me if she cries she will be marked as an easy target I tell Katniss that she can win it and I also tell her that she is the toughest girl she knows. This is going to be tough without Katniss getting food for us but gale will get food for us well at least that’s what Katniss. This is the worst reaping ever my sister that I love so much is fighting for her life against so me people skilled some not. I don’t care if she wins all I want is for her to come home safe.

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